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May 18th, 2022 CNTY KEYWARE All lights are green after Authorisation’s partner change View Download
May 18th, 2022 CNTY DRONE VOLT Could the French government be a new major customer? View Download
May 17th, 2022 CNTY SFPI GROUP As strong as its locks View Download
May 13th, 2022 CNTY CHARGEURS Upbeat start to 2022 propelled by strong growth in the traditional businesses View Download
May 11th, 2022 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Update on preliminary 2021 results View Download
May 9th, 2022 CNTY DOLFINES Target cut by -20.3% View Download
May 6th, 2022 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Q1 22: profitability outpacing cost inflation View Download
May 4th, 2022 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Coverage suspension following Finma communication View Download
May 3rd, 2022 CNTY DOLFINES FY21: recap as investments accelerate in renewables View Download
Apr 27th, 2022 CNTY SFPI GROUP Great 2021, solid start to 2022, €600m revenue target View Download
Apr 26th, 2022 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q1 22: integration of the acquisitions is progressing View Download
Apr 1st, 2022 CNTY DOLFINES EPS upgrade (2021: from € -0.06 to -0.06, 2022: from € -0.03 to -0.02) View Download
Mar 31st, 2022 CNTY DOLFINES Strong start of the year View Download
Mar 29th, 2022 CNTY CROSSJECT FY21: not very meaningful, as expected View Download
Mar 25th, 2022 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Positive momentum ahead despite an unstable global environment View Download
Mar 24th, 2022 CNTY METAVISIO (THOMSON COMPUTING) Recognised player capturing an under-represented market View Download
Mar 24th, 2022 CNTY DRONE VOLT All eyes on Aquiline Drones View Download
Mar 24th, 2022 CNTY CHARGEURS Slight adjustments to our FY22-23 outlook View Download
Mar 22nd, 2022 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING EPS cut (2021: -4.9%, 2022: -3.3%) View Download
Mar 22nd, 2022 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q4 21: getting closer to break-even View Download
Mar 17th, 2022 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING A record year punctuated by diversification to face upcoming challenges View Download
Mar 17th, 2022 CNTY IDI FY21: IDI displays strong NAV progression, excellent dividend pay-out View Download
Feb 18th, 2022 CNTY CHARGEURS FY21: CPF achieves record year, group’s financial position is strengthened further View Download
Feb 9th, 2022 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING FY 21: EBITDA at all-time high level View Download
Feb 1st, 2022 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q4: record sales, though a slight disappointment View Download
Jan 28th, 2022 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q4 21: best sales in its history View Download
Jan 25th, 2022 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Taking on board the asset disposal View Download
Jan 17th, 2022 CNTY IDI Kicks off 2022 with investment in digital art museums View Download
Jan 13th, 2022 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Buy the dip View Download
Jan 13th, 2022 CNTY KEYWARE Strategic acquisition of Payment Solutions View Download
Jan 11th, 2022 CNTY DOLFINES Prequalified in Saudi Arabia for rig inspection View Download
Dec 22nd, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES Updating shares outstanding on potential debt conversion View Download
Dec 20th, 2021 CNTY IDI IDI concludes busy investment year with Ekosport acquisition View Download
Dec 17th, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT New financing View Download
Dec 13th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT €8.8m capital increase gives 12 convertible-free months to investors View Download
Dec 8th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Postponed contracts lead to a target price decrease View Download
Dec 1st, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES Second green bond, rig sale resurfaces View Download
Nov 25th, 2021 CNTY IDI IDI’s tech-SPAC enters negotiations with French B2C parcel delivery frontrunner Colis Privé View Download
Nov 12th, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING 9M 21: well managed cost inflation View Download
Nov 11th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS Q3 performance confirms our FY view View Download
Nov 10th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES EPS cut (2021: from € -0.05 to -0.06, 2022: from € -0.03 to -0.04) View Download
Nov 8th, 2021 CNTY IKONISYS Soft H1, but on track to achieve mid-term targets View Download
Nov 3rd, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Cementir Holding accelerating from grey to green View Download
Nov 2nd, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES H1: activity recovers in oil & gas View Download
Oct 29th, 2021 CNTY DELTA DRONE H1 21: business remains tough View Download
Oct 28th, 2021 CNTY DELTA DRONE Concerning H1-21 View Download
Oct 22nd, 2021 CNTY IKONISYS Factoring in the revised commercialisation plans View Download
Oct 21st, 2021 CNTY IDI Talis embarks on its market consolidation journey View Download
Oct 20th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q3 21: strong contract execution, as promised View Download
Oct 1st, 2021 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Battery progress again overshadows operating results View Download
Sep 24th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Contracts signed in H1, cash expected in H2 View Download
Sep 24th, 2021 CNTY SFPI GROUP In excellent shape View Download
Sep 24th, 2021 CNTY SFPI GROUP Very strong H1 21 execution indeed View Download
Sep 24th, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT H1 21: unsurprising (as usual) View Download
Sep 24th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Major contracts pushes to the right View Download
Sep 24th, 2021 CNTY IDI Private equity aligned to stakeholders does pay off View Download
Sep 23rd, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS Change of valuation profile View Download
Sep 16th, 2021 CNTY KEYWARE Back in positive territory thanks to recovery in authorisations segment View Download
Sep 13th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS H1 21: strong execution and record order books raise confidence on FY22 outlook View Download
Aug 31st, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT EPS cut (2021: from € 0.18 to -0.28, 2022: from € 0.91 to 0.63) View Download
Aug 27th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES EPS upgrade (2021: from € -0.07 to -0.05, 2022: from € -0.05 to -0.03) View Download
Aug 18th, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT EPS cut (2020: from € -0.32 to -0.49, 2021: from € 0.18 to 0.18) View Download
Aug 9th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING EPS upgrade (2021: +6.6%, 2022: +14.9%) View Download
Aug 6th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Good numbers, increase in guidance, modest management... View Download
Aug 2nd, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES Transaction completed in wind services View Download
Jul 29th, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING H1 21: all regions in recovery mode View Download
Jul 20th, 2021 CNTY IKONISYS A ‘fully-automated’ oncology diagnostic play View Download
Jul 19th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT H1 21: strong growth in revenues, promising H2 ahead View Download
Jul 19th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES Green shoots View Download
Jul 12th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT More shares, less debt View Download
Jun 24th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Drone Volt sells 50% of Aerialtronics to partner at a high valuation View Download
Jun 18th, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT Another good piece of news for the group View Download
Jun 17th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Impressive again View Download
Jun 17th, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT A licensing agreement for Zeneo Hydrocortisone in the US and Canada View Download
Jun 16th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Incredible numbers... View Download
Jun 10th, 2021 CNTY DELTA DRONE Integration of the Weesure Group View Download
Jun 4th, 2021 CNTY SFPI GROUP Sound business shows its mettle in Covid and post Covid times View Download
Jun 4th, 2021 CNTY SFPI GROUP Right assets to meet construction led demand View Download
May 31st, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Major Contracts to double sales View Download
May 25th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES Strategic acquisition in wind services View Download
May 19th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES EPS upgrade (2020: from € -0.29 to -0.30, 2021: from € -0.16 to -0.14) View Download
May 18th, 2021 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Better-than-expected results; battery R&D progress continues unabated View Download
May 17th, 2021 CNTY KEYWARE FY21 will continue to be challenging, while we expect mid-term profitability growth View Download
May 6th, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Q1 21: growth momentum continues View Download
May 5th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS Minor EPS adjustments following Q1 top-line publication View Download
May 5th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS Protective Films and Healthcare Solutions lead to record Q1 results View Download
Apr 29th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS Restocking effect uplifts our FY21-22 view on CPF View Download
Apr 28th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q1 21: strong growth in Q1 and major contract win will stimulate FY21 View Download
Apr 27th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES FY20: expanding services into wind View Download
Apr 26th, 2021 CNTY DELTA DRONE Delta Drone acquires Weesure and becomes world leader in drone security services View Download
Apr 20th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS EPS cut (2020: -14.9%, 2021: -13.1%) View Download
Apr 20th, 2021 CNTY DELTA DRONE Orders are solid, but the pandemic impacts deliveries View Download
Apr 19th, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT COVID-19 delays profit and growth View Download
Mar 31st, 2021 CNTY CROSSJECT FY20 unsuprising; waiting for more View Download
Mar 30th, 2021 CNTY KEYWARE Change of Authorisations' partner for further profitability View Download
Mar 24th, 2021 CNTY MYHOTELMATCH H1 20 figures; a bit late indeed View Download
Mar 23rd, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING All on the 2024 guidance View Download
Mar 22nd, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Bullish (but reachable) targets View Download
Mar 10th, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING FY20 results - a Turkish Delight View Download
Feb 24th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS CHS leads FY20 record result as Chargeurs embarks on new strategic plan View Download
Feb 8th, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Opinion change, from Add to Buy View Download
Feb 7th, 2021 CNTY DOLFINES Green bond issued, contract in oil & gas View Download
Feb 5th, 2021 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING FY 20: performance beyond full-year guidance View Download
Jan 28th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS Upgraded FY20 EBIT guidance improves earnings outlook View Download
Jan 28th, 2021 CNTY CHARGEURS FY20 ends on a high note as Protective Films bounces back View Download
Jan 22nd, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q4 20: sharper COVID-19 impact though the dynamic is improving rapidly View Download
Jan 21st, 2021 CNTY DRONE VOLT Capital exchange with Aquiline Drones View Download
Jan 18th, 2021 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES All focus shifts to the battery promise View Download
Jan 14th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING DCF upgrade by 7.6% View Download
Jan 14th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING The party is going on... View Download
Jan 13th, 2021 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Opinion change, from Reduce to Add View Download
Dec 15th, 2020 CNTY CROSSJECT A double bond issue View Download
Nov 12th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Another partnership to keep the momentum up View Download
Nov 12th, 2020 CNTY DRONE VOLT Clearing all waivers ahead of structural partnership with Aquiline Drones View Download
Nov 11th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS Healthcare-led Q3 lifts full-year outlook View Download
Nov 11th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS EPS upgrade (2020: +14.4%, 2021: +8.6%) View Download
Nov 10th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING 9m 20: results in line with 9m19 but cautious guidance for FY20 View Download
Nov 4th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES EPS cut (2020: from € -0.23 to -0.29, 2021: from € -0.16 to -0.16) View Download
Nov 3rd, 2020 CNTY MYHOTELMATCH In a surprise move, FIPP has deprived FPN shareholders of control over PAMIER SARL. View Download
Oct 30th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES H1: a semester to forget in oil activities View Download
Oct 22nd, 2020 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Beneficiary of battery R&D progress + new funding commitment View Download
Oct 15th, 2020 CNTY DRONE VOLT Q3 20: strong rebound in Q3, further improvement expected in Q4 View Download
Oct 14th, 2020 CNTY DRONE VOLT Concretisation of the contract with Aquiline Drones View Download
Oct 12th, 2020 CNTY DRONE VOLT The verge of a new era for Drones View Download
Oct 8th, 2020 CNTY DELTA DRONE Ready to unleash its full potential View Download
Oct 7th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Focus stays on floater, rig inspection rebounds View Download
Oct 5th, 2020 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES H1 benefited from asset disposal gains View Download
Sep 28th, 2020 CNTY SFPI GROUP H1 behind with limited scars; H2 partial reversion to normal View Download
Sep 26th, 2020 CNTY SFPI GROUP Upgrade to FY 2020 after robust H1 navigation View Download
Sep 21st, 2020 CNTY CROSSJECT H1 20 no surprises, as usual View Download
Sep 17th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Name change to highlight development in renewables View Download
Sep 16th, 2020 CNTY KEYWARE A pivotal year for the Authorisations division View Download
Sep 14th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS Updated outlook emphasises organic growth ambitions View Download
Sep 14th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS H1: an absolute home run View Download
Sep 8th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Opinion change, from Buy to Add View Download
Aug 31st, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Strategic options to fast track the floater View Download
Aug 26th, 2020 CNTY MYHOTELMATCH Reference shareholder transferred its risk in FY 19 View Download
Aug 25th, 2020 CNTY MYHOTELMATCH Update for fiscal year 2019 View Download
Aug 25th, 2020 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Important battery R&D progress View Download
Aug 12th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Target upgrade by 11.1% View Download
Aug 11th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Another strong set of results View Download
Aug 5th, 2020 CNTY MYHOTELMATCH Reference shareholder will ensure FY 20 liquidity View Download
Jul 29th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING H1 20: in for a Danish treat View Download
Jul 27th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Fine-tuning the model prior to H1 results View Download
Jul 3rd, 2020 CNTY MYHOTELMATCH View Download
Jun 24th, 2020 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Taking on-board the Norwegian disposal and near-term market headwinds View Download
Jun 17th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING More good news again... View Download
May 28th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES FY19: revenues decline, positive environment in renewables View Download
May 27th, 2020 CNTY SFPI GROUP Robust funding, promises in locks & safety View Download
May 26th, 2020 CNTY KEYWARE The right time to establish itself as a software provider View Download
May 22nd, 2020 CNTY CROSSJECT No major changes after the release of the FY19 report View Download
May 20th, 2020 CNTY SFPI GROUP As fit as possible View Download
May 14th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Q1 20: lower result but good shareholder remuneration ahead View Download
May 4th, 2020 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES Better-than-expected results View Download
Apr 29th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS New healthcare products activity unlocks unforeseen organic growth potential View Download
Apr 24th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING More tailwinds View Download
Apr 17th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS Adjusting our FY2020 expectations on COVID-19 impact View Download
Apr 14th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS New protective equipment activity to help offset Coronavirus impact View Download
Apr 14th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES EPS cut (2019: from € -0.12 to -0.15, 2020: from € -0.07 to -0.32) View Download
Apr 6th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Collaboration to bring floater on the international stage View Download
Mar 29th, 2020 CNTY CROSSJECT Meaningless FY19 results and product update View Download
Mar 24th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING EPS upgrade (2019: +86.9%, 2020: -14.3%) View Download
Mar 18th, 2020 CNTY KEYWARE Positioned to take advantage of increasing power of digitalisation in order payment View Download
Mar 17th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING A very reassuring guidance View Download
Mar 12th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Name change to highlight strategic shift View Download
Mar 9th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS Staying on course with strategic roadmap after a volatile 2019 View Download
Mar 6th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING FY19: profits higher than our conservative projections View Download
Feb 18th, 2020 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING FY19: stability despite the Turkish burden View Download
Feb 3rd, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS FY19 sets a sound foundation for growth in 2020 View Download
Jan 28th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS Strategic move towards museum servicing fully established View Download
Jan 28th, 2020 CNTY CHARGEURS Target upgrade by 3.0% View Download
Jan 24th, 2020 CNTY DOLFINES Target cut by -18.7% View Download
Jan 17th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING An enabling environment View Download
Jan 16th, 2020 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Very promising numbers View Download
Jan 14th, 2020 CNTY BLACKSTONE RESOURCES An intriguing battery (materials) play, although execution is the key View Download
Dec 23rd, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT Extra-financing to increase visibility View Download
Dec 20th, 2019 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING When cement goes green too View Download
Dec 11th, 2019 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING EPS upgrade (2019: +4.1%, 2020: +9.4%) View Download
Nov 26th, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES Reassuring end of year update View Download
Nov 20th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT A €2.6m non-dilutive issue View Download
Nov 18th, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS Q3: another robust quarterly showing View Download
Nov 18th, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS EPS cut (2019: -7.0%, 2020: +0.4%) View Download
Nov 15th, 2019 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING 9m 19: Cementir decides to invest in itself View Download
Nov 13th, 2019 CNTY KEYWARE The same old story View Download
Nov 8th, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES Shell acquires a French offshore wind developer View Download
Oct 17th, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES EPS cut (2019: from € -0.08 to -0.12, 2020: from € -0.10 to -0.15) View Download
Oct 15th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT Cooperation agreement with the US Department of Defense View Download
Oct 14th, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES H1: volatile crude prices impact results View Download
Oct 9th, 2019 CNTY SWISSQUOTE GROUP HOLDING Leveraging high quality financial services View Download
Oct 7th, 2019 CNTY SFPI GROUP H1 19: P&L disappoints but cash flow generation is intact View Download
Oct 7th, 2019 CNTY SFPI GROUP P&L disappoints but focus should be on cash flow View Download
Sep 23rd, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS Fine-tuning for Protective Films' challenging dynamic in H1 View Download
Sep 18th, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS H1: organic growth recovery and a brighter outlook View Download
Sep 10th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT H1 19: no surprise View Download
Aug 30th, 2019 CNTY KEYWARE Software continues to drive up the top-line View Download
Aug 2nd, 2019 CNTY CEMENTIR HOLDING Value in white View Download
Jul 10th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT Warrants to existing shareholders View Download
Jul 5th, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS Technical Substrates sprouting through acquired growth View Download
Jun 19th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT A commercial success View Download
Jun 14th, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES Positive outlook, moving forward in new energies View Download
May 7th, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS Successful acquired growth offsets organic slowdown View Download
Apr 30th, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES FY18: strong acceleration in H2 18, led by the audit & inspection division View Download
Apr 24th, 2019 CNTY SFPI GROUP SFPI disappoints in 2018 but prepares its future View Download
Apr 2nd, 2019 CNTY DOLFINES 2018 trading update: strong growth in Audit & Inspection View Download
Mar 15th, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS Solid 2018 execution confirms growth potential View Download
Mar 15th, 2019 CNTY KEYWARE Still in transition View Download
Mar 15th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT Slowly but surely View Download
Feb 4th, 2019 CNTY CROSSJECT Some extra non-dilutive financing View Download
Jan 31st, 2019 CNTY CHARGEURS Solid 2018 vintage View Download
Dec 21st, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT Success of the capital increase View Download
Dec 17th, 2018 CNTY DOLFINES End of year update confirms the recovery View Download
Dec 5th, 2018 CNTY SFPI GROUP Dedicated to safety for people, goods and the environment View Download
Nov 28th, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT A €3.9m capital increase View Download
Nov 22nd, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT Excellent news: production has resumed View Download
Nov 16th, 2018 CNTY CHARGEURS On time delivery, cont’d View Download
Oct 24th, 2018 CNTY DOLFINES A solution provider to the energy industry View Download
Oct 23rd, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT Bond conversion View Download
Oct 16th, 2018 CNTY KEYWARE Strong revenue growth, but profitability still impacted by the transition phase View Download
Sep 27th, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT H1 18: insignificant; some more time needed to reach the market View Download
Sep 7th, 2018 CNTY CHARGEURS Robust earnings delivery in more choppy (FX) waters View Download
Jul 13th, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT A convertible bond and potential options for existing shareholders View Download
Jun 29th, 2018 CNTY CHARGEURS One stone, many great birds View Download
May 17th, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT Business update View Download
Mar 22nd, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT On its way to reach the market… View Download
Mar 9th, 2018 CNTY CHARGEURS Strong operations confirm regime change View Download
Mar 9th, 2018 CNTY KEYWARE FY17 - a transition year View Download
Feb 14th, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT A convertible bond and options for existing shareholders View Download
Feb 3rd, 2018 CNTY CROSSJECT Orphan disease status for Zeneo® Midazolam in the US View Download
Jan 26th, 2018 CNTY CHARGEURS Robust Q4 sales match guidance. View Download
Dec 11th, 2017 CNTY CROSSJECT Update on the company’s activities View Download
Dec 5th, 2017 CNTY KEYWARE Terminals positioning for recovery, Software already a strong contributor View Download
Nov 16th, 2017 CNTY CHARGEURS Discipline pays off View Download
Sep 25th, 2017 CNTY CROSSJECT H1 17: a new NTE in the pipeline...and further delays View Download
Sep 10th, 2017 CNTY CHARGEURS Ship-shape form and growth-minded View Download
Sep 5th, 2017 CNTY KEYWARE Mixed quarter, negatively impacted by a disappointing performance in Terminals View Download
Jun 15th, 2017 CNTY KEYWARE Strong authorisations offset weaker terminals View Download
May 20th, 2017 CNTY CHARGEURS Chargeurs opens its heart View Download
Apr 25th, 2017 CNTY CHARGEURS Surprisingly strong Q1 growth at Protective Films View Download
Apr 6th, 2017 CNTY CROSSJECT The capital increase was successful View Download
Mar 17th, 2017 CNTY KEYWARE Top-line above expectations, litigation as the major cloud View Download
Mar 14th, 2017 CNTY CHARGEURS Excellent 2016 delivery, confidence reinforced View Download
Mar 13th, 2017 CNTY CROSSJECT FY16 results - untelling (as expected) and a €4.3m capital increase View Download
Jan 31st, 2017 CNTY CHARGEURS Strong 2016 sales and operating delivery View Download