Talis embarks on its market consolidation journey

Just a few months after being acquired by IDI, Groupe Talis has made its first acquisition to expand its reach in the apprenticeship and professional training space in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. This follows through with IDI’s plan to make Talis a key player for consolidating the private post-secondary education market in France.

  • Groupe Talis has acquired Groupe AFC, which proposes secondary-education degrees and professionalisation courses in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region through two schools.
  • Groupe AFC provides training to close to 1,000 persons per year, boasting of high employability rates for its graduates of around 85%.
  • IDI has not disclosed the financial terms of the transaction.

IDI’s announcement of Talis’s first acquisition is a confirmation that the group is embarking on its path to consolidate the post-secondary private education market in France, starting by expanding in its current Nouvelle-Aquitaine enclave.

The integration of Groupe AFC will add two new schools to Talis’s network, with the ten campuses serving the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Paris regions. We see this as an encouraging development for this asset, which we consider as an important driver for future NAV progression, given that it is exposed to high potential long-term trends (higher education).

Moreover, Talis benefits from a business model — focused on work-study-based training — that is shown to improve employability of graduates, supporting organic growth ambitions, to be joined by a new external-growth dimension following this acquisition.

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