Strategic acquisition in wind services

Dolfines kicks off its five-year strategy plan with the potential acquisition of a wind services company (8.2 France). After a Memorandum of Understanding signed last year with 8.2 France, Dolfines confirms its intention to expand its services offering in renewables. All in all, a positive development that will accelerate Dolfines’ transition.

Dolfines in exclusive discussions for the acquisition of 8.2 France.

8.2 France:

  • Sales of €1.8m in 2020, +16% yoy
  • Technical team: 9 employees
  • Advisory team: 10 employees
  • More than 5,000 blades inspected since 2012

Transaction to close in early July.

With €1.8m of sales in 2020 (+16% yoy), the new wind services division will be a strong contributor to Dolfines. As we expect 8.2 France to perform recurring activities around the lifetime of the wind turbine (e.g. technical inspection of rotor blades), this will also help in mitigating the volatile oil & gas environment.

The press release mentions a strategic fit, which seems already to be yielding positive results. In February, 8.2 France started a three-year contract for an offshore wind farm (Parc éolien de Guérande, Saint-Nazaire), possibly leveraging on the partnership with Dolfines, as this was 8.2 France’s first contract in offshore wind.

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