Another partnership to keep the momentum up

Dolfines has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 8.2 France to develop an integrated offer in offshore wind.

This is positive news for Dolfines. 8.2 France is a company that is involved in the full life cycle of a wind farm project, from development, all the way to construction, commissioning and operation phases. To that regard, Dolfines has the opportunity to understand better the needs of its customers by collaborating closely with 8.2 France.

8.2 France is already engaged with the nascent offshore wind market in France, for instance by taking part (at various stages) on the Floatgen prototype (from Ideol, acquired by Shell). We believe the goal of this MoU and of the integrated offer is that 8.2 France could offer its customers a solution combining a wind turbine and a floater. The latter could, hopefully, be from Dolfines.

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