Production at Sines was 12,200 tons in H1 17, doubling from last year.
The volume of sales stood at 9,700 tons, vs. 3,700 tons in H1 16. The product mix improved with an increase in value-added products.

The improvements highlight the industrial viability of the project.

Ecoslops also announced that it has started studies for the “mini-P2R,” a unit designed to process 4-8,000 tons per year (the P2R has a capacity of 30,000 tons or more), targeting medium-sized ports.

This new segment increases Ecoslops’ addressable market, profiting from the P2R know-how.

The mini-P2R is likely to be less capital intensive and contribute a regular stream of revenues from the sale of equipment and services. Ecoslops’ team is already working on a number of commercial opportunities.

We confirm our expectations of 2017 production at Sines at 30,000 tons.